Chad Chomlack’s photos on metal hanging in Whistler this holiday season!

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Whistler Local Chad Chomlack has a solo show up at our shop on Main Street in Whistler.

Not only do these images get you stoked for the coming season, they are also intriguing in that they are printed on aluminum. This technique gives the images a pearly depth you don’t often see. It’s magic. Come on in, check it out and get inspired!

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Artist Bio:

The images I like to shoot are often more stark or emotional:
simple elements held in perfect balance; the honest beauty of a person comfortable in his or her own skin.
With trips to Afghanistan, Fiji, India and Nepal under his belt and a seasoned eye for whatever natural assets are on offer; self taught Chad catches moments as they unfold and knows that sometimes the best view of the action is from the edge. He lives for discovering other cultures, hearing peoples stories and finding the peace he loves in
the mountains and snow.
Never posed, Always poised Chad quietly captures the photos that might otherwise go un noticed.

Liks displaying his work at our Pemberton shop!

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Liks is a graffiti artist, husband and a dad. The one constant that remains from a young age, is his avid interest in graffiti – the lettering, the artists, the history – Everything Graffiti!

Come check out some of his pieces adorning our Pemberton walls today!


…back when he was a teenager in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Believe it or not, his parents didn’t yell or punish him for releasing his cans of spray paint — instead they encouraged him to express himself artistically and bought him his first book on graffiti – “Spray Can Art”. When he was 19 years old, Liks moved to Canada and the beautiful mountain resort of Whistler. Although embracing the laid-back mountain lifestyle, his passion for street art is undeniable. Combined creativity and strong work ethic have resulted in various successful projects with local businesses, and clients abroad.

Most people curse when stopped by a train, but Liks enjoys watching the graffiti painted freights that roll by, finding inspiration from these moving displays of art that travel vast distances across the continent.

Apart from enjoying his family, Liks is happiest when painting and in the future hope to continue to grow and brighten our dull boring  walls everywhere, giving people something interesting to look at and enjoy.

He just loves letters!

Vanessa Stark is our Featured Artist at Both Shops.

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Well, this is something that is new for us: we have one amazing artist filling the walls of both our shops! Vanessa Stark creates lively works of art and this series features work overlaying topographic maps of our area and the mountains we call home. It is nice to dissect her work and see the relationship of the subject matter to the location of the actual map used.

A bit from Vanessa: “My paintings are without artificial flavors, pesticides or otherwise unnatural influences. I am somewhat in control while painting but mostly they leak from the subconscious. I paint whatever appears when I time warp to that place of lucid creation. The land of daydreams, sunbeams, snowflakes, rainbows, wave breaks and other such fun things that live in the world between reality and dreams.”


Mount Currie Coffee Company Whistler is NOW OPEN!

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Our doors of our second shop located on Main Street in Whistler have opened!

The doors of our second shop located on Main Street in Whistler have opened!
We are proud to offer quality artisan coffee in Whistler! Something that we felt was lacking in the area. Please come on in and enjoy your first coffee on us! We’re offering 2 for 1 coffees while we’re getting our head above water. Just mention you saw this deal through our website!
We are happy to spread our wings and bring thoughtful food, quality coffee and good times to the mecca of skiing, snowboarding and biking.

Image IMG_0258 IMG_3113

Chris Ankeny Exposes Secret Desires

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Mount Currie Coffee’s own mastermind, Chris Ankeny, hasn’t quite given up his old past time of
capturing photographic images. His latest body of black & white landscapes will be hanging at the cafe for the next few months.

“This body of photographs represents some of my favorite lines in our neighborhood, showing the mountains in their raw beauty. No tracks, no people, just freshly coated and waiting for our signatures.”