We are coffee geeks and mountain lovers. We are obsessed with making you the best coffee you can get. As an independently owned and operated coffee shop we strive for quality in coffee, food and service. We opened our Pemberton doors in 2007 and most recently the second location in Whistler’s Main Street in December 2012.

The Pique News Magazine runs a ‘Best Of’ feature every year and we have been voted ‘Best Coffee’ this season in Whistler as well as ‘Best Latté’ in Pemberton for the past 7 years. We always welcome new faces but are very thankful to the regulars that have become our extended family. We love our mountain culture, community and wonderful staff. We couldn’t be happier doing what we’re doing: Sharing our passion of great coffee.

What it means to be an independent.

We live in an amazing zone, deep in the heart of the Coast Mountains. We love it here and feel incredibly lucky to be able to call this beautiful area our home. Because of this, we make as many efforts as possible to minimize our environmental footprint. We use compostable flatware and to-go cups, source local and organic produce, use natural meats & organic eggs. We have a conscience. We recycle and support community organizations and events. We want you to be healthy and happy, because we are in it with you. That is the difference.

Sidenote: We submitted a proposal in the Spring of 2013 to incorporate composting into our Whistler operations to iShift Whistler (Whistler’s Centre for Sustainability) and were selected as winners of their support!